International Journal of Sports Science and Physical Education

Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2017

  • The Comparison of the Different Balance Performance of Soccer Players Versus Sedentary

    Inci Kesilmis

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2017
    Pages: 37-43
    Received: 11 June 2017
    Accepted: 3 July 2017
    Published: 31 July 2017
    Abstract: This study aims to compare different dynamic balance ability between soccer players and sedentary. Sixteen soccer players and 18 sedentary participated in the study. Soccer players group participated soccer trainings consisting of different coordinative exercises for 3 years; the sedentary group attended a normal school program. Soccer players’ mea... Show More
  • The Effect of Core Stability Training on Dynamic Balance and Smash Stroke Performance in Badminton Players

    Ibrahim Hamed Ibrahim Hassan

    Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2017
    Pages: 44-52
    Received: 30 June 2017
    Accepted: 12 July 2017
    Published: 10 August 2017
    Abstract: The researches which investigated the effects of core training on skill performance for badminton players are in sufficient. The current study aimed to examine the effects of core stability training on dynamic balance and smash stroke velocity and accuracy performance. Twenty badminton players under 19 years were divided into two groups, core train... Show More